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We are monitoring media in search of manipulation, fake news, hate speech, political propaganda, etc.

Do you experience discrimination or violence because you are a Muslim? Has anyone attacked you or your Muslim friends? Did you come across a hateful comment on the Internet?

Report it! We can help!

We treat all reported cases as confidential. We ask for your contact details only so that we can reach out to you in case of questions.

Who are we?

We are the Islamophobia Documentation Center. We are the first initiative of this type in Poland. Our goal is not only to monitor and document hate crimes, but also to support people who have experienced violence, attack or discrimination based on their religion — Islam.

Islamophobia – fear and aversion to Muslims – has many faces. It may have the face of 14-year-old boys who mock their friend at a soccer academy because he has the “Muslim name” Ahmed. It may have the face of 40-year-old women staring and pointing a finger on the Bangladeshi Fatima tram because she is wearing a hijab. It may have the face of a 27-year-old restaurant owner who refused to hire Youssef from Egypt because he admitted that he does not eat pork, although he has no problem cooking it. He may have the face of a 70-year-old grandmother who does not accept her grandson’s relationship with Aida because she cannot imagine attending a wedding in a mosque. It may also be faceless, because the comments you read are created automatically by bots – on behalf of one of the political parties or the main resident of the Kremlin, who benefits from social polarization in the European Union.

We want to counteract the phenomenon of Islamophobia, which is why we collect information from Muslim women and men living in Poland, and from people who are not indifferent to the fact that someone attacks or discriminates against people on the basis of their religion. We want to raise awareness about this phenomenon

If you see a hateful comment, have experienced or witnessed discrimination or violence please fill out our form. If the situation requires a sudden reaction, we will provide the necessary support —psychological, legal, etc.

The Islamophobia Documentation Center was established as part of the project EMPATHY: Let’s Empower, Participate and Teach Each Other to Hype Empathy. Challenging Discourse about Islam and Muslims in Poland

More information about partner organizations can be found on the Empathy Project website.

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